Exercise of the Week: Establishing Your Dream

Usually the exercise of the week is a physical exercise to help performance or for injury prevention. This week I am going to change it up a little.

Most of the athletes I work with on a daily basis are high school and collegiate aged athletes. Ask them what their biggest dreams are and I get a wide range of answers, but most of them cannot tell me an answer with much detail or meaning. The guys usually have an answer like, “play professional baseball”, or go to a division one college to play. The female athletes really don’t even reach that far into the future or thought process. Most teenagers only go as far as answering the question, “What do you want to be when you grown up?”

The simple fact is that every athlete I have every known or watched has their career come to an end at some point. Derek Jeter, one of the best short stops ever, had to stop playing. Kari Walsh Jennings no longer competing in Beach Volleyball. The NFL is most circles, stands for ‘Not For Long’. So what happens when sport is done, or if you are lucky enough to play professionally, how are you going to use your status to make a positive impact.

This is the reason this post was so important to me and to get the conversation started. Today’s exercise is about setting dreams. BIG DREAMS!

In my reading today, I came across a great mental exercise by Moishe Rosen. It is a simple phrase: If I had __________________. I would __________________. Remember, today is about dreaming big! If I had unlimited resources, unlimited time, unlimited finances, unlimited networking opportunities, etc. I would be able to accomplish what. How could you change your future? Your family’s life? Make a positive impact on your inner circle? Positive impact on humanity?

Like any physical exercise, the mental exercise takes practice and dedication to make it work. Take 20 – 30 minutes in a quiet place, your favorite chair, your favorite spot at the lake, and dive deep into this question. What do you really want? How do you want to effect the world? How can you leave it a better place? Write out your answer and revisit it a few times next week.

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The athlete in you is only a very small part of who are and who you will become. Dream BIG!